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Job Locations US-OH-Cleveland
Posted Date 1 week ago(3/13/2018 4:00 PM)
In the absence of the full-time employee, Substitutes are asked to assist in the direction and supervision of a group of adults with developmental disabilities in adult activities centers and/or in one or more of our entrepreneurial ventures including retail settings. Heavy lifting may be required at times, and Substitutes are expected to abide by work rules and procedures established by the Cuyahoga County Board of DD.    Unusual working conditions:  Substitutes may be asked to work flexible hours, and depending on the assignment, they may be asked to work some weekends and some holidays.  Although our Adult Activities Centers are closed in the evening, weekends, and on holidays, we do have some entrepreneurial ventures that are open evenings, weekends, and some holidays.  Please note that Substitutes work intermittent hours, and are considered at-will employees.  There is no guarantee of work as a substitute because the need for substitutes depends of the level of absenteeism of our permanent staff. 
Job Locations US-OH-Cleveland
Posted Date 1 week ago(3/14/2018 6:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is seeking a full-time Behavior and Curriculum Intervention Specialist (BCIS) to work directly with intervention specialists, paraprofessionals and related services staff in public school district classrooms, and/or with families in the assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of home, school or community-based behavioral supports and interventions for students with disabilities age 3-22. The nature of work will include, but is not limited to, the following:   - Conduct functional behavior and ecological assessments of school, home or community environments to identify variables that may contribute to the presence of student learning or behavioral problems. - Consult and work directly with classroom instructor to develop positive behavioral support plans incorporating ecological or environmental strategies, positive programming, and focused support strategies as appropriate for students exhibiting challenging behaviors.  - Provide direct, collaborative classroom-based support and training to instructors and paraprofessionals who have students exhibiting challenging behaviors and general learning problems. - Work with instructors, related services staff, and family members to develop, implement and evaluate behavioral support and general curricular intervention plans.  - Provide direct, collaborative home and community based support and training to families who have children exhibiting challenging behaviors and general learning problems. - Provide information about general learning, curricular, behavioral supports and competency-based training to families, instructional, and related services staff.  - Consult and work directly with families to develop positive behavioral support plans for children exhibiting challenging behaviors, incorporating ecological or environmental strategies, positive programming, and focused support strategies, as appropriate. - Develop, fabricate and/or complete materials necessary to implement behavior support plans. - Develop and present in-service training programs for CCBDD staff, public school staff, parents, families and related groups. - Conduct correspondence, compile data and prepare reports as necessary. - Provide for the safety of students. - Participate in IEP conferences, parent conferences, and interdisciplinary team meetings as needed and related to behavior issues. - Complete SSA Billing requirements as determined, including the maintenance of related certifications for TCM. - Maintain appropriate information in consumer data base as required and outlined in agency and department work rules.  - Accept case assignments from age 3-22 depending on Department needs as determined by Early Intervention and Services Manager.   UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS: - May be assigned students who are non-ambulatory, medically complex, or dually diagnosed. - Will necessitate working a flexible schedule as delineated in the bargaining unit contract and/or staff member handbook.  - May provide evaluations and training for public school districts personnel/students.  - May be requested to attend workshops, seminars, and training situations, as necessary. - May require some lifting.   UNUSUAL WORK REQUIREMENT: Must have access to reliable transportation.
Job Locations US-Within Cuyahoga County
Posted Date 3 weeks ago(2/28/2018 9:38 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) is seeking full-time Support Administrators to facilitate the development of person-centered plans for individuals that promote self-determination. Develop, authorize and revise a personal budget based upon needs and outcomes identified in the plan. Assist individuals and their families to explore and obtain services and supports. Implement an ongoing system of review.  The nature of work will include, but is not limited to, the following:  - Act as the primary point of coordination for the person-centered planning team. Utilize an assess/plan/review/revise process to help teams plan for each individual assigned.    - Assist individuals and teams to identify issues, areas of potential risk, and outcomes that are important to and for the individual.  Complete and/or coordinate thorough assessments to determine the need for services and supports. Revise assessments as needs change and annually.  - Facilitate the development of a person-centered plan, including the determination and direction of needed supports.  Revise plan as needed based on individual or team concerns, progress towards meeting outcomes, plan review, MUI prevention plans, or other issues that impact the need for services as described in the plan.  - Identify funding sources for supports identified in the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) by utilizing a hierarchy of funding options applicable to each person.  Plan with teams to access services that are cost efficient and effective to meet the needs described in the ISP.  - Establish and approve budgets for services based upon the individual’s assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting those needs.  Manage the fiscal processes related to service authorizations, including use of local and statewide projection tools. Manage processes related to prior authorization as necessary and respond to requests for revisions of authorizations as needed.  - Establish and maintain contact with service providers and natural supports as necessary to ensure that services are effectively coordinated by appropriate providers.  - Promote community presence and participation.  Provide referral and linkage to community resources to help individuals meet their needs and to engage with their communities.  - Implement an ongoing system of monitoring continuous plan review to ensure that supports are delivered according to each individual plan, that progress is being made toward desired outcomes and that individuals are satisfied with services. Take action to remediate any immediate concerns regarding health and welfare. - Assist individuals in choosing providers as needed.  - Assist with enrollment onto Medicaid waivers as appropriate. Complete all related paperwork accurately and in a timely manner to ensure maintenance of funding for supports, including development and recommendation of plans for approval to DODD when services included in plans are funded through the DODD Medicaid Waivers. - Establish an individual’s eligibility for services of County Board of DD.   UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Planning meetings will be held in individual/family homes, throughout the community and during the evenings and weekends. Employee may be required to travel within and beyond Cuyahoga County.
Job Locations US-Cleveland
Posted Date 1 month ago(2/14/2018 6:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is seeking a full-time Forensics Liaison to Identify and coordinate supports to individuals with developmental disabilities who become involved in the criminal justice system through education, advocacy and the provision of service coordination and community linkage. The nature of work will include, but is not limited to, the following:   - Identify and monitor individuals with developmental disabilities entering the criminal justice system. Identify individuals in the court system already eligible for services at CCBDD.  Provide recommendations to courts, attorneys, psychiatric clinics of various courts, Corrections Center staff, staff of other local jails and detention centers, and pertinent agencies for service and case disposition. - Provide screening at Corrections Center, local jails or other centers for detention to determine Forensic Liaison service eligibility.  Procure documentation as needed establish service eligibility.  Coordinate with service providers to develop release plan and/or written recommendations when individual is determined eligible for Forensic Liaison services. - Provide written documentation, as needed, to the Court to assist in determining an individual’s eligibility for specialized Mental Health Court Docket(s). - Provide Forensic Liaison consultation to individuals eligible for CCBDD. Provide post disposition services to individuals determined eligible for MH/DD Unit of Adult Probation department or Parole department.  Per contract provide services for defendants deemed eligible for MH/DD unit of the Adult Probation Department but who are not eligible for CCBDD services.  - Provide assistance in the identification of and development of release plan for individuals with DD that may be eligible for inclusion in Pretrial Release services. - Consult with CCBDD staff providing service coordination to individuals involved with the criminal justice system. When needed, facilitate service coordination to insure implementation of plan for supports. - Gather assessments of needs for eligible individuals and facilitate access to appropriate services and supports within the DD and criminal justice systems.  Advocate for people's rights to these services. - On-call to respond to CCBDD, court and probation systems for Emergency Services during business hours.  Assess immediacy of situations and take all appropriate and necessary action.  - Assist in discharge planning and all services and supports as mandated by the courts.Attend court hearings and meetings to advocate for an individual’s rights to services and consult on placement and service decisions.  - Coordinate and participate in resolution process in the criminal justice system.  - Assist with identifying appropriate residential placement for individuals that are emergency and priority cases transitioning from incarceration.  Assist Support Administrator and families in identifying, exploring and accessing alternatives placements as needed.  - Facilitate the eligibility process (in jail/prison) for individuals identified as potentially eligible for CCBDD services. - Maintain ongoing communication with individuals, their families, caretakers, service coordinators, criminal justice and court systems, and other agencies to ensure that necessary and appropriate services are being delivered as planned. As needed, may coordinate multiple agency involvement to reduce duplication of services. - Establish, maintain and update service logs and caseload files for assigned individuals. Prepare quarterly statistical reports for probation department and CCBDD   UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Work within the jails and comply with security regulations. Carry beeper and provide crisis service during business hours.  Frequent travel in county and periodically out‑of‑county to program sites for eligible individuals. May be required to visit on second or third shift hours.   
Job Locations US-Within Cuyahoga County
Posted Date 2 months ago(1/31/2018 3:14 PM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is seeking a full-time Psychology Assistant to work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist to provide cognitive and behavioral assessment and interventions to clients and families, and provide consultation and training for staff.  Provide timely and thorough documentation of all services provided.  The nature of work will include, but is not limited to the following:   - Perform evaluations to aid in diagnostic and behavior support planning; interpret evaluations to parents, staff or other appropriate parties. - Make recommendations for program placement, objectives and interventions. - Evaluate and conceptualize the needs of clients on the basis of client history, test data, interviews, direct observation and professional literature. - Provide counseling or therapy and other direct behaviorally oriented interventions to clients and families, including services to groups of clients where appropriate. - Develop or assist in developing data collection procedures and behavior programs. Monitor implementation of behavior management policies and procedures. Train staff in the implementation of techniques when needed. - Assist in the collection of program evaluation data in accordance with department or agency direction. - Consistently meet departmental productivity requirements, project completion and documentation requirements as specified in the Behavior Support and Procedures Manual and in the BHS Department Guidelines document. - Maintain all required statistics and records. - Provide behaviorally related training for CCBDD and other staff and parents. - Come to supervision prepared to discuss cases with supervisor and keeps supervisor well informed on all cases.  
Job Locations US-Cleveland
Posted Date 3 months ago(12/20/2017 6:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is seeking a full-time HR Employee Relations Administrator to perform HR-related duties on a strategic and professional level. This position carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: employee relations, training, performance management, policy implementation, affirmative action and employment law compliance. The nature of work for this position will include, but is not limited to the following:  - Executes Human Resources related initiatives, including, but not limited to, audits of processes/procedures and compliance. - Conducts disciplinary hearings. Consults with supervisory staff on disciplinary investigations and employee violation of work rules. - Conducts grievance hearings. Assists director of human resources with arbitrations, ULP charges, other hearings and related preparation. - Conducts administrative investigations into various allegations of discrimination and/or employee misconduct. - Participates in labor contract negotiations as assigned by the director of human resources. Prepares for negotiations by gathering, reviewing, and/or preparing comparative data and reports.  - In conjunction with the Director, develops, proposes, and implements agency-wide personnel policies, practices and procedures. Responds to employee suggestions, and concerns about these areas. - Coordinates or assists in the preparation of the CCBDD response to miscellaneous charges and/or investigations by the EEOC, civil rights commission, U.S. department of labor, the state examiner, and other investigatory agencies of the local, state and federal governments. - Develop and conduct training sessions for CCBDD supervisors on contract interpretation, disciplinary actions, and other management and supervisory related topics during new employee orientation, various times throughout the year and on in-service days. - Coordinates the certification process for CCBDD for those employees whose position requires DoDD certification. 
Job Locations US-OH-Cleveland
Posted Date 5 months ago(10/24/2017 1:58 PM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) is seeking PRNs (RNs Only) to work on-call, as needed throughout Cuyahoga County at one of our eight (8) Adult Activities Centers. In the absence of the CCBDD nurse who has primary care responsibilities at an assigned CCBDD programming site, PRN Nurses will work with nursing teams to promote the health and safety of individuals with developmental disabilities who attend CCBDD day programming. Due to the nature of the services we provide, our PRN Nurses may have to deal with individuals with severe behavior problems.  Heavy lifting and working a flexible schedule may be required.  This is an on-call, intermittent position.