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Job Locations US-Cleveland
Posted Date 3 weeks ago(3/13/2020 9:55 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) I seeking a Coordinator to oversee outcome-driven services and supports for adults with developmental disabilities, not assigned to a Support Administrator (SA), provided by agencies via contract with Cuyahoga DD.  Work collaboratively with providers of residential (or similar) services and other Cuyahoga DD departments to assure placements and quality service delivery.  The nature of work will include, but is not limited to the following: - Oversee authorization of services and supports provided by community agencies via contract with Cuyahoga DD to individuals not assigned to a Support Administrator.  In conjunction with agency and residential staff, develop and monitor the Service Authorization Plan (SAP) for individuals without a Support Administrator served by community agencies. - Review incoming referrals and requests for alternate day program options and follow up on tours, paperwork, transportation, placement and follow along as needed. - Review initial and renewal requests for locally funded safety net/intensive support services and approve as appropriate based on Cuyahoga DD criteria.  Provide guidance to SAs, supervisors and providers regarding the criteria and process for these services.  Monitor and ensure required review process is completed.  Analyze and maintain related data.  - Provide support and direction to SAs with authorizing locally funded ADS, employment and NMT services, including appropriate authorization codes and IP language. - Complete initial Acuity Assessment Instrument and review and update as needed.  - Complete required monitoring of provider compliance with locally funded ADS and employment services.  Ensure appropriate follow-up actions and additional monitoring as needed.  Maintain documentation of monitor meetings and results.  - Coordinate Cuyahoga DD Wait List Assessment process.  Review waiting list assessments completed by SAs and submit to DODD as appropriate.  Provide technical assistance to SAs for completing wait list assessments as well as recommendations for alternate ways to meet individual needs other than HCBS waiver funding.  - Provide guidance and direction to staff of community agencies regarding the provision of services to individuals enrolled in their programs. - Attend team meetings of individuals served by community agencies, providing input with, or on behalf of the agency as needed. - Work in conjunction with the individuals’ designated contact person to assure consistency in planning and related service and support description in their Individual Service Plan or Service Authorization Plan.  - Work closely with CMS transportation staff and direct supervisor to seek appropriate and cost effective transportation options for participants. - Effectively collaborate and network with Cuyahoga DD support staff, including but not limited to, CMS transportation, assistive technology, behavioral health, support administration, provider support and the MUI department as needed. - Provide support to ICF/IID providers regarding day program and transportation options and contacts as requested.  - Complete DODD Pre-Admission Counseling process for new ICF admissions as needed. - Participate in training the staff of community agencies, identify training needs, and coordinate training activities as needed.                                                                                      - Oversee and monitor adherence to health and safety practices in all community agency settings where activity or employment services and supports are provided. - Coordinate communications between community agency staff, individuals, families/guardians, Cuyahoga DD staff and residential agency staff as needed. UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Extensive driving required at times. May need to provide training to agencies on evenings/weekends. Flexible working hours may be required to support the needs of the contract agency.   PERSONAL CONTACTS:  Daily contact with contract agency staff, Habilitation and ICF/Residential provider staff, , individuals, families, caregivers and guardians being supported in contract agencies.  Regular personal contact, telephone calls and written communications with providers, health care professionals, community service agencies and other governmental agencies.
Job Locations US-Within Cuyahoga County
Posted Date 2 months ago(2/5/2020 8:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) is seeking two (2) Coordinators who through innovative outreach, education, and consultation, will develop and maintain strategic partnerships and relationships with area business/Industry, community partners, and social service organizations.  The Area Coordinator of Workforce Inclusion will affect system efficiencies to meet employer and job seeker needs, and in turn increases employment, and community opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD).  The nature of work will include, but is not limited to the following:          - Outreach and cultivate Mutually Valuable, Intensive, and Comprehensive working relationships with area businesses to improve their understanding of, engagement and collaboration with, and employment of individuals with DD. - Connect business and employment leads to multiple partners, ex. the Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, local school districts, service and support administrators. Develop, maintain, and share contacts as needed. - Utilize and promote the innovative Dual Customer Business Engagement strategy and Employment First policy agenda that directly addresses business needs. - Serve as an ambassador of the mission of Cuyahoga DD to the business community at large though the education and dissemination of programmatic resources and technical supports offered by Cuyahoga DD, in the interaction with current and potential partners in the Cuyahoga County community. - Advocate for innovative partnerships with public and private entities to advance business involvement in opportunities that support persons with disabilities. - Facilitate greater connectivity among area social service organizations, school districts, and private providers to improve competencies, capacities, and collaborative practices that increase business relations, employment opportunities, community opportunities, and measurable outcomes for individuals with DD.  - Through the collaboration with internal and external Cuyahoga DD partners (i.e Cuyahoga DD staff, School district staff, Private provider staff, and Other local and state agencies staff, etc..), promote and encourage the continued expansion and growth of Business Relationships, employment first philosophies and practices, and overall community inclusion.  - Maintain active presence on community-based collaboratives/chambers/networks/ work groups that serve to enhance opportunities for individuals looking for community-based employment. UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Must have access to reliable transportation.  Must be available during standard business hours. Must be available to work occasional non-traditional/off-hours.   WORK LOCATIONS:  We have one opening that serves Western Cuyahoga County and one that will serve Eastern Cuyahoga County.  The actual desk locations are T.B.D.   FULL POSITION DESCRIPTION:  For a complete copy of the position description that includes the essential skills and abilities as well as the general expectations of the position, click HERE.
Job Locations US-Cleveland
Posted Date 3 months ago(1/15/2020 8:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) is seeking a Software Support Specialist to act as first point of contact for end-user support/helpdesk and for the major line-of-business (LOB) applications such as the Gatekeeper client information system and the OnBase document management system. Provide initial support for Helpdesk callers and, per department guidelines, escalate calls to Technicians and the applications team as needed.   The nature of work will include, but is not limited to the following: - Supports major LOB applications, such as OnBase and Gatekeeper helpdesk calls, including but not limited to: password resets, data entry, case note generation, plan module/plan data management, document retrieval, document upload, business rule assistance, and report or dashboardgeneration. - Acts as liaison between Hyland, Primary Solutions or other IT vendors and Cuyahoga County Board of DD if application requires vendor assistance. - Provide training for staff on the major LOB applications such as OnBase, Gatekeeper and eISP applications, as well as basics of desktop/laptop use and Cuyahoga DD Privacy and Security policies and procedures. - Assists senior analysts as needed for business analysis and report requests regarding OnBase, Gatekeeper and the eISP application. - Acts as first point of contact/support for general IT Help Desk calls, including but not limited to: entering Helpdesk tickets, password resets, setting up new users to access Cuyahoga DD resources and other basic Helpdesk assistance. - Escalate or enter support requests for Technicians into the ticketing system, per department guidelines. - Provides assistance to the applications team with project management and administrative tasks related to implementation of new technology. - Assists the CMS department with implementation and support of the OnBase and the eISP application including involvement in testing, training and troubleshooting. - Assists the applications team with specifications and information gathering for new workflows and functionality. - Assists Technicians with hardware and software support requests. - Assists with the configuration and deployment of devices for document imaging and scanning. - Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the M.A. Donzella Building Computer Training Room computers. UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Will be required to drive to various Cuyahoga DD sites in order to perform the primary functions of this position.
Job Locations US-Cleveland
Posted Date 3 months ago(1/15/2020 8:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) is seeking an IT Tech to work as a member of a team to assist users with installation, support and training for existing hardware and software. Maintain existing systems and assist in network administration for WAN and LAN, system backups and provide general user administration.  The nature of work will include, but is not limited to the following:  - Provide initial and ongoing troubleshooting, via remote, onsite or phone support for hardware/software issues, upgrades, and maintenance. - Respond expediently to Help Desk tickets and provide documentation on issues and resolutions in ticketing knowledgebase system. - Process assigned Information Technologies service requests for success and timeliness (computer accounts, network shares, and permissions assigned). - Maintain accurate corporate asset inventory of all desktop, laptop, and tablet resources (hardware, software, and peripherals). - Work closely with software analysts to implement and install software applications and upgrades as necessary. - Interface with vendors for hardware/software recommendations. - Coordinate equipment repairs with contract maintenance companies and IT personnel. - Frequent regular contact with all computer users.  - Frequent contact with outside sources such as vendors and service representatives. UNUSUAL WORK REQUIREMENTS:   Unusual hours including evenings and weekends.  Access to reliable transportation for driving to various Cuyahoga DD site locations.
Job Locations US-Within Cuyahoga County
Posted Date 3 months ago(1/8/2020 8:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) is seeking  full-time Support Administrators to facilitate the development of person-centered plan for individuals that promote self-determination. Develop, authorize and revise a personal budget based upon needs and outcomes identified in the plan. Assist individuals and their families to explore and obtain services and supports. Implement an ongoing system of review.  The nature of work will include, but is not limited to, the following:  - Act as the primary point of coordination for the person-centered planning team. Utilize an assess/plan/review/revise process to help teams plan for each individual assigned.    - Assist individuals and teams to identify issues, areas of potential risk, and outcomes that are important to and for the individual.  Complete and/or coordinate thorough assessments to determine the need for services and supports. Revise assessments as needs change and annually.  - Facilitate the development of a person-centered plan, including the determination and direction of needed supports.  Revise plan as needed based on individual or team concerns, progress toward meeting outcomes, plan review, MUI prevention plans, or other issues that impact the need for services as described in the plan.  - Identify funding sources for supports identified in the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) by utilizing a hierarchy of funding options applicable to each person.  Plan with teams to access services that are cost efficient and effective to meet the needs described in the ISP.  - Establish and approve budgets for services based upon the individual’s assessed needs and preferred ways of meeting those needs.  Manage the fiscal processes related to service authorizations, including use of local and statewide projection tools. Manage processes related to prior authorization as necessary and respond to requests for revisions of authorizations as needed.  - Establish and maintain contact with service providers and natural supports as necessary to ensure that services are effectively coordinated by appropriate providers.  - Promote community presence and participation.  Provide referral and linkage to community resources to help individuals meet their needs and to engage with their communities.  - Implement an ongoing system of monitoring continuous plan review to ensure that supports are delivered according to each individual plan, that progress is being made toward desired outcomes and that individuals are satisfied with services. Take action to remediate any immediate concerns regarding health and welfare. - Assist individuals in choosing providers as needed.  - Assist with enrollment onto Medicaid waivers as appropriate. Complete all related paperwork accurately and in a timely manner to ensure maintenance of funding for supports, including development and recommendation of plans for approval to DODD when services included in plans are funded through the DODD Medicaid Waivers. - Establish an individual’s eligibility for services of County Board of DD. UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Employee will be required to drive extensively both within and beyond Cuyahoga County in order to perform the duties of a Support Administrator.  Therefore, access to reliable transportation is a necessity.  Planning meetings will be held in individual/family homes, throughout the community and during the evenings and weekends.  
Job Locations US-Cleveland
Posted Date 4 months ago(12/4/2019 8:00 AM)
The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD) is seeking two analysts to provide ongoing development, reports and maintenance of the electronic records systems while defining and analyzing system efficiencies and concerns. Develop solutions using a combination of multiple existing software applications, custom programming and database integrations. The nature of work will include, but is not limited to the following: - Work cooperatively with various departments in the ongoing development, design and maintenance of all line of business applications. - Monitor the electronic records system for data quality, efficiency, operations, and data integrity. - Provide assessment and analysis of data and technical solutions. Make well-founded recommendations to management. - Design and deliver application training classes for CCBDD staff specific to job duties. - Create training materials geared specific to departmental applications. - Incorporate HIPAA and Information Technologies’ procedures and protocols into training classes and materials. - Conduct demonstrations of software when necessary. - Provide one-on-one or group support to CCBDD users. - Respond to technical support issues at the direction of the Manager of Information Systems. - May be required to prepare, scan and index documents into the OnBase system. - Attend in-service meetings, seminars, workshops and other training to update knowledge and maintain technical skills. UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS: - Most activities will be carried out in Cuyahoga County requiring occasional travel among the Board's centers. - Will participate in facilitation of the goal of employing individuals with DD in some aspect of the records department. - May be required to respond outside of the CCBDD normal business hours.